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How It Works

Urologists regularly recommend Clearmax for recurring UTI.

Urologist? - An offer from Clearmax

Many urologists and general practitioners are now embracing and integrating complementary medicine as total approach to medical care. By combining standard medicine with the complementary and alternative practices shown to be safe and effective doctors are now providing their patients with options that can improve and enhance their quality of life.

Clearmax has a track record as a safe and effective product as proven by the thousands of satisfied customers. The willingness for doctors to carry Clearmax in their practice makes it accessible and convenient for the patients to purchase as Clearmax is not sold in retail stores.

CLEARMAX™ is a fast and effective all natural solution for people that suffer from Urinary tract Infections and we are the first in the industry to formulate a product that is highly effective in combating recurring Urinary Tract Infections. People suffering from incontinence have also experienced positive results with CLEARMAX™.

Our doctors have experienced great success with Clearmax

Clearmax sales volume from our group of participating doctors is growing every month.

  • One major practice in Orange County is selling Clearmax in their office and they average 150-200 bottles per month.

  • A major practice in Puerto Rico is averaging 200 bottles per month.

  • A practice in New York started with 5 bottles per month and have steadily grown their volume to over 100 bottles per month.

If you would like to carry Clearmax in your practice please contact us at (949) 542 7741 or fill out our brief contact form below.

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